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Entry Level Web Designer

$20.00 per hour
Fully Remote
Webflow Exclusive

All of our wonderful nonprofits have their websites powered by Webflow. We're looking for a Webflow Designer to help maintain their site.

This is less of a designer role, and more of an update roll. Over 90% of the request that are submitted take less than 30 minutes and don't require a great deal of Webflow technical knowledge. Some of the items requested include:

  • Updating links
  • Adding/Removing Photos
  • Adding Banners
  • Adding a page
  • Updating/Changing Texts

All of the nonprofit sites are already built, but occasionally need some help changing a few things here and there :)


You must know Webflow! That's a non-negotiable

Must be quick! For the average experienced Webflower, these updates will come second nature

Must understand setting up new pages in Webflow, and Webflow CMS

Must be an awesome person!

Additional Notes

This is a great position for someone who just wants to earn a few extra dollars here and there and is passionate about helping nonprofits. While it may not be the most exciting position, occasionally a custom landing page or something more interesting and creative may come up. This is great for an entry level Webflower who would like to get more work under their belt and add some experience to their resume.

This is not work heavy position, maybe 10-15 hours a week, but as our program expands the demand could increase.

"If you have a heart for nonprofits, we'd love to have you. Join us in the rewarding work that we get to do everyday."

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