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Strategic Planning for Nonprofits


This was a great workshop and we are grateful for all who attended. If you'd like to know what was covered, click below!


Don Sando
Strategic Results Group

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The only difference between a business and a nonprofit is how you get and spend your money.

When it comes to running a nonprofit, the struggle is real. You don't have the volunteers for the fundraiser. Johnny forgot to send out the email. Barbara doesn't know how to setup online ticketing. Is Jared making the flyer? Our website was made 100 years ago and Susie Q who made us that Wix site isn't here to update it anymore. Only half of us have gmail and sharing things has been a pain. The list goes on and on and on...

But it doesn't have to with NEATT. We help nonprofits thrive with free and low cost services to help them do what they do best: serve others.

Want to help us on our mission or work with other nonprofits? Volunteer with us!


Getting started with Mailerlite

Getting started with

Miss our live online training? Watch the replay and master everything from setup to send off in this free training series with Mailerlite, the best email marketing tool for organizations.


NEATT's biggest campaign is our "I'm a NEATT ONE and I'm NEATT TWO". We're asking everyone who loves nonprofits give $1 or $2 a month. It may be a small amount to you but it makes a HUGE difference to us. When you give, you're providing resources for over a dozen nonprofits that provide scholarships for women of color, assistance to stage IV cancer patients, orphans in Mexico, veterans and more. Your dollar goes further with NEATT and will help keep our nonprofits thriving. Many hands make light work, so what do you say?

We believe there is a better way to run a nonprofit.

Nonprofits need the exact same services as for profit businesses, but often lack to tools, resources and budget to get it done. You need an awesome website. You need to manage staff. You need to earn revenue. You need marketing. You need everything a standard business does and that's where NEATT comes in.


NEATT stands for Nonprofit Education, Advancement, Training and Tools

We help Nonprofits get...

Educated on different ways to improve their organization
Advance their causes for maximum community impact
Train their teams on different practices that help their organization grow and provide the Tools needed in different areas of their organization to help them operate at top proficiency.

learn about us at "meet neatt"

Anyone can be involved with NEATT!

NEATT isn't just for nonprofits. We offer a host of services to benefit individuals, community members and businesses. Check out member options and download the 10 Different Ways You Can Be Involved with NEATT.


Joseph Glenn Poelstra

Alex Renee Poelstra

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OCT 2019 TBD @ 5:30pm

Engel & Völkers Carlsbad
2965 Roosevelt Street Suite C, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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