When a Nonprofit joins NEATT, everyone in the membership benefits.

NEATT membership doesn't just apply to one person or even just the board. Members of the organization are all members of NEATT and can benefit from all of our services.

You're considered a member of an organization if you:

(a) Pay to be a member of that organization
(b) Serve on a board of that organization
(c) Lead an ongoing committee of that organization
(d) The organization contacts us about permitting select members

Membership is good for up to 100 members of your organization that are actively registered. So, if your organization has 200 members, but only 75 register for NEATT, you're still within our membership bracket. Should your organization have more than 100 members, please contact us about upgrading your membership to include more members. We'll notify you when your membership is approaching 100 members.

When you register for NEATT with your organization, we'll verify if you are in fact associated with this organization to receive benefits. If not, no worries! Just select another membership that suits you such as individual or student.

Register today! It's free if your organization is already a member!

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