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Nonprofits love our program because of all the wonderful things we offer. Read below to learn a little bit more about our program terms.

NEATT Program Terms

Thanks for being involved with NEATT! If you’d like to enroll or continue in our program, here are some key terms and important information you should be aware of to participate:

NEATT is a Membership Program that helps nonprofits with free and low cost services to help them thrive. Services range from websites, marketing, consulting, workshops and special events to help the organization get the tools and resources needed to improve the operation of their cause. NEATT began as a program of ALL MAVEN INC, a Colorado B Corporation, and is now a nonprofit organization itself.

NEATT has one enrollment fee of $3,495.00. The only monthly cost is the Premium Site Hosting and Maintenance subscription of $59.00 that helps to cover ancillary and third party costs. All services provided by NEATT are free, excluding third party services like printing, software programs and legal. There is a renewal fee every two years for the nonprofit and the monthly subscription cost begins when the nonprofit launches their website.

NEATT accepts most 501c3 and a few other types of 501c organizations. While our main offices are in Carlsbad CA and Colorado Springs, Co, NEATT can serve a nonprofit in ANY STATE, since almost all of our work is digital. The biggest difference is that all our meetings are conducted via Zoom, instead of in person.

NEATT accepts nonprofits on a case by case basis, and acceptance is based on time, resources and nonprofit status.

NEATT does not accept political nonprofits, nor does it produce politically motivated material. We also do not engage with nonprofits who deal heavily in political matters.

NEATT does not own ANY of your nonprofit’s material. Everything that is created by NEATT is owned by the nonprofit organization. NEATT does retain the right to showcase the work created in our portfolio.

There is no limit on the NEATT services and each request is handled with as much expediency as possible. While we can guarantee many unlimited free services, regular production timelines still apply.

NEATT has core services we will automatically qualify your organization for which include TechSoup and Google for Nonprofits and its corresponding services. NEATT is not responsible for the terms and disclosures for third party services, and the awareness of these items falls on the nonprofit. Please view those organizations policies and practices for more information.

After a NEATT applicant is qualified and approved, they have 10 days to enroll with payment in the program or their slot will be given away to the next NEATT Applicant on the waitlist.

NEATT Membership extends up to 100 people in your organization, which includes paid members, board members, key volunteers (verification required) and paid staff. Membership is based on registration size, not organization size.

Payment for the NEATT Program is due and full and is non-refundable after the first discovery meeting for the organization. Your NEATT payment however does not expire, and you can restart the process one additional time if you need to pause for any moment without cost or penalty. 

Free services can be requested at any time by sending an email to or by visiting

For print products, NEATT primarily uses two vendors, Printograph and Printivity. When ordering print products, NEATT clients are billed directly by the vendor. Since Printograph does not collect tax or fees, NEATT collects the tax and processing fees separately at a rate of 10%.

NEATT is operated by ALL MAVEN INC and your information and data is shared with this organization, its partners and affiliates for operational and marketing purposes. We do not sell your information to ANY party outside of the ALL MAVEN family, also known as THE SAME (Subsidiaries of ALL MAVEN Enterprise).

By participating in our NEATT Program, you agree to and understand these important terms. These terms are subject to change at any time.

REV JAN 2021.

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