Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

NEATT sounds like a dream for so many, some wonder if it's the real deal. We answer your most popular questions below, and if you'd like more insight, just reach out.


Who can join NEATT?
NEATT accepts most 501c3 and a few other types of 501c organizations. While our main offices are in Carlsbad CA and Colorado Springs, Co, NEATT can serve a nonprofit in ANY STATE, since almost all of our work is digital. The biggest difference is that all our meetings are conducted via Zoom, instead of in person.

Do I really get free services every single month?
Yes. There is no limit on our free services, which include things like graphic design, web design, consulting, etc. Only a few free services have limits, like Booklets and Programs. These tend to have a ton of pages and take a lot of time to produce.

How do you provide unlimited free stuff every month without charging?
NEATT is operated by ALL MAVEN full-service digital agency, that assists in providing premium services for nonprofits. We also focus on raising funds for the organization to make things happen. Our application process ensures we never take on more than we can handle to keep our NEATT clients receiving the same premium services that help them grow.

How good are NEATT designs? Cheap and free isn't usually great...
NEATT prides itself on producing exceptional and beautiful designs from websites to flyers. All our designs are custom. We build from a blank screen to create fantastic things for you. Our designs are our biggest attraction, because they are completed by quality designers.

Who owns everything that is produced by NEATT?
YOU DO! NEATT does not own ANYTHING we produce for your organization. You own all the rights to use everything we create how you please (as long as it’s not illegal of course). We do have the right to show off all your cool stuff though!

When does the monthly fee start?
Not until your project is complete, so don’t worry about this until later!

What if I need something NEATT doesn’t do?
There are very very few things we can’t do and do for free. If you’re looking for something that is ongoing or maintenance wise, like Social Media Management in daily postings, we have special plans available for purchase for a substantially discounted rate. Just send us an email.

What’s included in the program?
Wow. A LOT. Everything from flyers and events pages to consulting and site updates. You can view some of what we have here, but we do so much, we haven’t even been able to include everything:

How good are NEATT websites?
Exceptional. Every NEATT website is custom-designed by professionals from scratch and retains a minimum retail value of over $10,000. They are responsive, SEO optimized and screened through multiple audits to ensure they perform extremely well. Every website is SSL encrypted and backed up on a regular basis. No website has ever been hacked. All our websites are hosted with Webflow on a CDN to deliver fast loading and optimal user experience.

Who is considered a member of NEATT when my organization joins?
Your Board of Directors or Advisors, paid staff, dedicated volunteers and paid members are considered members for NEATT and can take advantage of our services for your organization. For dedicated volunteers, you’ll need to provide us a list to include in your membership. We want to provide free services to your committed volunteers, not to individuals that show up every once in a blue moon. 

How long will NEATT be around?
Forever is the goal! While we do output a lot, we run a very cost effective organization and continually raise funding to keep our services top notch. We also have professionals who are always providing a number of volunteer hours to see us succeed.

Who teaches the workshops? Where are they taught?
We bring in high-quality industry professionals to teach our workshops. Workshops are currently taught locally in North San Diego County and Colorado Springs as well as online. We focus more on online workshops for training to make it more accessible to our clients.

Will NEATT help with events?
Most certainly, we love events! We can help provide consulting on event organization, brand design, produce materials for your events and give you marketing assistance. About the only thing we can’t do is show up to your events for setup and clean up. 

Is the free copier really free?
Yes, you do not pay for the copier. You only pay for the copies and maintenance. For a full explanation of the free copier program, contact Hank Ditto at Our copier program is only available for local nonprofits in the Southern California Region.

How do I contact NEATT and get support?
Send an email to or give us a call at 760-507-1605.

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