Free services for nonprofits every month? Count us in!

Being a NEATT Member is like having a full service marketing team, business coach, and operations specialist in one, without the ongoing cost. Apply today and take your nonprofit from surviving to thriving.

Program Information

NEATT is open to most 501c3 nonprofits and select other 501 organizations, like foundations and such. Because we provide FREE services every single month, we have to carefully craft which nonprofits we can serve efficiently on an appropriate time frame to keep our services high level and quality. The cost for enrollment in the NEATT program is a one-time fixed fee of $3,495.00. It covers all your program costs. After the launch of your website, your monthly hosting and maintenance subscription of $59 kicks in. This covers your hosting, back ups, security, SSL certificate, forms and general updates. The free copier promotion is only available currently to nonprofits in Southern California.

While NEATT Offices are currently in CA and Co, NEATT can serve a nonprofit in ANY STATE. Most of our work is digital and we simply conduct our meetings via Zoom.

About Our Application Process

The Application Process takes only about 15 minutes. You'll submit some basic information about your nonprofit and its needs. After your application is submitted, it will be processed within three business days. After you're approved for the program, your invoice will be issued. Your project then begins after payment is received and you're off to the races! We're very much looking forward to working you and giving your nonprofit the support it needs.

Before you begin your application, please have a copy of your nonprofit certificate (501c3 IRS Determination Letter) ready to upload.

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